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European Film Festival On Until Saturday

By Wendy Anders Cine Magaly, in downtown San Jose’s California neighborhood, is hosting Costa Rica’s 6th Annual European Film Festival with pictures from 10 different countries. Here’s the schedule for the remainder of the festival: Sunday, July 10: El Olivo, 3:40pm, (Spanish) Terapia para Un Vampiro, 6:15pm, (Austrian) La French, 8:25pm, (French)   Monday, July 11: La French, 3:30pm Fatima, 6:25pm, (French) Juventud, 8:35pm, (Youth, La Giovinezza, British/Italian) Tuesday, July 12: El Nuevo Nuevo Testamento, 3:30pm, (Belgian black comedy) Victoria, 6:15pm, (German) Tiempo de Canibales, 9:00pm, (Zeit Der Kannibalen, German) Wednesday, July 13: Terapia para Un Vampiro, 4:00pm Aloys, 6:20pm,…

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